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What fits inside a Medium VZWrap Fabric Gift Bag?

Here’s another installment in the ongoing series “What fits inside a VZWrap?” Today, we tackle medium bags. Our medium bags are 17″ wide by 18″ high (some of the older bags are closer to 19″).  All of the items shown below have either been received as a gift by someone

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Earth-friendly Gift Ideas for Baby

Babies bring such joy to everyone around them. I know sleepless nights and teething might not seem joyful when you’re going through it, but how can you not smile when looking at a little one’s face? It’s nice to celebrate new babies with a gift, so here are a few

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What fits inside a Standard VZWraps Fabric Gift Bag?

So how long do you think it would take you if you had to wrap each one in wrapping paper? What about finding boxes for the T-shirt and knitted items? Those dessert plates are in a round box. That’s going to be tricky.  But not as tricky as that Mummies

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Sneak a Peek at our new Christmas Fabrics

We’re in the middle of a July heatwave, but holiday gift bags are starting production! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new fabrics for this year.  ]  Feel any cooler? Join our mailing list, and you’ll be one of the first to know when they’re available.

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8 Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away! Do you know what you’re giving to your Mom? The woman who has devoted so much selfless time, energy and love to you all of these years? (Can you tell that I’m a mom?) To help, here’s some eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts

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