2021 Holiday Shipping Schedule

My best advice – order everything early!! After December 6th, I recommend shopping our Amazon store as I feel they’re the safest option for getting your packages in a timely fashion.

It pains me to do this, but I’m bumping up our shipping deadlines this holiday season.  Usually, I ship orders until the last possible moment, but the US Postal Service is still experiencing delays (despite a significant increase in our postage costs), and I don’t see them getting any better during the holiday rush.  

A spot check of our orders in mid-October showed that most of them are arriving within 5 days, but a first-class envelope mailed to us in mid-September took 18 days to get to Philadelphia from Arkansas!

Through October & November, we will continue to ship direct orders via USPS and UPS Ground (for larger orders over 1 lb).  I do not suggest upgrading to USPS Priority Mail as it does not seem to make a difference in delivery time. 

Our December 2021 Shipping Schedule

December 2021 shipping schedule for VZWraps

Wednesday, November 24th through Sunday, November 28th – THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY.  OFFICES ARE CLOSED. NO SHIPPING.  Orders received during this time will ship on Monday, November 29th and Tuesday, November 30th.

Monday, December 6th through Friday, December 10th – We will ship orders that come in as quickly as we can, but I will be very nervous that they’re going to reach you in time. A “SHOP AMAZON” notice will be on the home page. This may change if we see a considerable slow down before then.

Monday, December 13th through Friday, December 17th – We’ll be in the office, and if an order comes in we’ll ship it, but we may contact you first to make sure you understand that it may not reach you by Christmas. We will have notices on our home page and check out pages to this effect.

Monday, December 20th through Sunday, January 2nd – CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR’S HOLIDAY.  OFFICES ARE CLOSED. NO SHIPPING.  I’m closing for the holiday early this year, but our year-end sale will occur sometime during this break, so stop by and snag some fabulous deals. Stock up on some bags for next Christmas!  Be sure to join our mailing list to get notified of the start date.

Monday, January 3rd – Happy 2022!  We’ll be back and shipping the sale orders!!

Thank you for your understanding. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for up-to-date announcements, or join our mailing list and receive 15% off your next order.