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What’s New — and What’s Out — for 2020

We’ve got several new fabrics on deck for 2020.  Here’s a quick peek at what’s in the works: Unicorns! After lots of searching, I’ve finally caught the elusive unicorn!  I am so happy to bring this fun new fabric into our kids’ line.  We’ll sew it up for availability in

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A Sneak Peek at 2018’s Holiday Gift Bag Fabrics

It’s only July, but our holiday gift bags are in production!  Here’s a quick look at what’s new for 2018: Christmas Poinsettias – bright red flowers and crisp green leaves, outlined in gold metallic, on a soft ivory cotton background.  Just beautiful and a perfect complement to our Green and

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NEW Gift Bags Available this Fall

We’re anxiously awaiting a delivery of new bags for the fall of 2017, including the Christmas holidays.  Here’s a sneak peek: For When You’re Feeling Blue Available now on and, Larkspur is a true blue – you might call it Carolina blue, cornflower blue, or just plain old

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Sneak a Peek at our new Christmas Fabrics

We’re in the middle of a July heatwave, but holiday gift bags are starting production! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new fabrics for this year.  ]  Feel any cooler? Join our mailing list, and you’ll be one of the first to know when they’re available.

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