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How to Throw a Science-themed Party without Generating Too Much Trash

My son recently graduated from NYU with a degree in chemical engineering.  He’s hoping to go into environmental engineering or renewable energy which makes this mother very proud!  So for his graduation party, I wanted to incorporate a chemistry-type theme into the décor while not buying too many disposable items

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Eco-friendly Entertaining Ideas for Bridal Shower or Housewarming Gifts

Looking for some earth-friendly suggestions for bridal shower or housewarming gifts? Here are some upcycled products from our Pinterest boards that can be used for entertaining. Hopefully you’ll be invited to the party to see your gift in action!   I really love this Margarita set from  Not only are

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8 Tips for Greening your Summer Parties

It’s been party-central around here with my son’s graduation party for 50 guests just last weekend and a looming 4th of July party for almost as many. Since my husband and I both come from big families, parties for 50+ and dinners for 30 are standard around here.  When making

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