Eco-Friendly Birthday Gifts for Kids Under $25

It’s September, which means the kids go back to school, and the birthday party invites start coming by mail and backpacks. Here are a handful of suggestions for eco-friendly birthday gifts that are kind to the planet and your wallet. You can see all these ideas, and more, on our Pinterest board: Gifts for Kids


My daughter used to LOVE creating with beads, but I wasn’t so crazy about finding tons of plastic beads all over the floor. (My sister once had a bead stuck way up her nose, but that’s another story!) This 4M Recycled Paper Beads Kit lets you use paper to create colorful beads that can be turned into unique jewelry.  It’s under $10 at

Jigsaw puzzles are still a summer tradition in our house, even though my kids are teens.  This eye-popping puzzle of colorful crayons is a challenging 500 pieces and made of 100% recycled materials (puzzle & packaging) and vegetable-based inks.  An added plus is that it’s made here in the USA. Only $12.95.

This Cubebot Puzzle is a nice alternative to plastic transformer-like robots and more durable, too.  Made from sustainably harvested cherry wood, this one could become a family heirloom. Under $20 on Amazon.

For the girly girl who loves to experiment with makeup, here’s a makeup set that uses safe and non-toxic, natural and organic mineral makeup designed just for kids. Handmade purse included. $24.99 at

Encourage the budding artist with this portable watercolor set that includes 20 sheets of paper, 3 brushes, and 4 travel strips of watercolor paint. Available from TheNatureWalk on for $24.50.

And finally, this one I may have to buy for myself!  Earthopoly is a board game celebrating wondrous locations around the Earth. $24.95 from

And for wrapping that’s kind to the planet, use one of our VZWraps gift bags for kids. We’ve just added two new fabric choices:  Aliens and Fairy Princesses. Each pattern is available in Standard, Medium, and Large gift bags.

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