Fall Weddings & Wedding Gifts

October is a busy wedding month and that means fall wedding gifts.  I have two weddings in the next two weeks.  So what to give as a gift?  Cash or a check is always a popular option, and the gift I give most often. I don’t know too many people who can’t use some extra cash.  Money is certainly an eco-friendly gift, but is it memorable? Every time I use my crystal bowl  or look at the framed print of the historic site where we were married, I think about the friends who gave us those gifts even if we haven’t seen them in years.  They’re also things I  wouldn’t buy for myself, but I’m happy to have. So what are some eco-friendly, memorable wedding gifts?

Gifts with Humanity Tree of Life
Photo from GiftswithHumanity.com
I love this 24-inch Tree of Life hammered from recycled steel drums by Haitian artists. It can be hung indoors or outside, and no two pieces will be exactly alike. While I haven’t seen this piece in person, it gets favorable reviews on the Gifts with Humanity website. There are also smaller 8-inch versions available.
Christmas Memories Book
Photo from Mystic Seaport Museum website
If the newlyweds celebrate Christmas, why not help them start their own family traditions?  I bought this Christmas Memories Book for myself early in our marriage.  While I don’t know if it’s made from recycled materials, the fact that you can use it for 20 years makes it eco-OK in my book.  There’s space to record holiday visits, favorite presents, and other holiday memories for the next 20 years! There’s also room for a favorite holiday card and family photo.   I admit there have been several times when I’m tying to remember what happened last year, or even two years before, to fill in the pages, but we always pick a favorite card.  It has definitely become a fun tradition in our house. Although we did skip the year when my son was born on December 27th! The Christmas Memories Book is available from The Mystic Seaport Museum Shop. The standard version sells for $19.95, or you can have it embossed with the couple’s name for $37.95.

Finally, there are two catalogs that I just drool over whenever I see them. They both have great serving pieces, household items, glassware, and other treasures that would make fabulous wedding gifts, and they both focus on recycled, reclaimed, and sustainable materials.  I have bought a few things for myself from VivaTerra, and I’ve always been happy with the products. I have not yet bought from Art & Artifacts, but I certainly would like to. [Editor’s Note 11/2019 — Art & Artifacts doesn’t seem to be around anymore.]

Both the Christmas Memories Book and the 8-inch tree of life would easily fit inside a Medium VZWrap, and we have several beautiful bags in our wedding collection. So tell me — what is your favorite wedding gift? Is there something fabulous you’ve given or received?