What’s New — and What’s Out — for 2020

We’ve got several new fabrics on deck for 2020.  Here’s a quick peek at what’s in the works:

Unicorn Fabric Swatch

Unicorns! After lots of searching, I’ve finally caught the elusive unicorn!  I am so happy to bring this fun new fabric into our kids’ line.  We’ll sew it up for availability in early 2020 — once I decide on the ribbon color!  Have some thoughts on the ribbon? You can see some choices and cast your vote on Facebook or Instagram.

XOXO New Fabric for 2020

XOXO Any Gossip Girl fans out there?  You’ll love this new XOXO print.  My only regret is that I didn’t get more of it!  I have a good feeling about this one. It will be available in December with a hot pink ribbon to set it off.

Desperate for Damasks

I cannot resist damask fabric.  It’s an obvious choice for wedding or bridal shower gift bags but works just as well for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any occasion when you need a pretty VZWrap.  Four new damasks are joining the lineup.

Steel Blue Damask Fabric SwatchBlack Damask Fabric Swatch

Steel Blue Damask is a tone-on-tone blue-gray fabric.  Very soft, subtle and elegant.  The companion Black Damask is a striking, and classic, combination.  A wide, white satin and organza ribbon will complete the look.

Aqua Damask Fabric SwatchRed Damask Fabric Swatch

Our Aqua and Red Damasks have a more distinct pattern set against a bright white background.  These two are a little bolder and slightly more contemporary take on traditional damask. Coordinating blue and red ribbons will tie up these gift bags.

The Damask prints and XOXO should be available here on VZWraps.com in December and on Amazon in early 2020.

What’s Out?

Some of my favorite bags are disappearing this year.  The fabrics have been discontinued, and there is not much stock left. If any of these are your favorites, you better snap them up quickly.


Gold Damask – I love this elegant gift bag.  You can use it for weddings, birthdays, and Christmas.  Right now (Nov 3), only two standard bags are left on Amazon, and I may pull them to add to my personal stash! The photography samples will be added to our Super-Sale section this week.


Llamas – I thought these holiday gift bags were finished last year, but we found a few yards of fabric stashed away.  We sewed up as many bags as we could, and there are a few medium and (maybe?) one or two larges left.  (We had a bit of a run on the large bags this weekend.)

Snowmen on Green – These festive snowmen gift bags were our top seller last Christmas, but sadly this fabric has been discontinued.  We’ve sewed up what we had left and sent all our snowmen gift bags to Amazon.  At the rate they’re going, they may not last through November.

Black wedding gift bag standard

Wedding Portraits – I don’t think the photographs do this bag justice.  The fabric has such a vintage, Victorian feel to it.  The large gift bags sold out several months ago, and now the standards and mediums are super-low.  A few medium wedding bags are available on Amazon, and a handful of standard gift bags are on sale right here!

So what do you think?

Is one of your favorites on the way out or are you excited about one of the newcomers? Please leave a comment below.  We’d love to hear your thoughts as we continue to add new gift bags throughout 2020.  And don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list.  Not only will you get a 15% off coupon, you’ll be the first to know when new fabrics hit the site.

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