North Pole Buddies




Santa, reindeer, penguins and snowmen are having tons of fun on this North Pole Christmas gift bag — the only ones missing are the elves!   This is a festive and cheerful way to wrap your holiday gifts.  Wrap a hand-held video game in a standard gift bag, put a square board game into a medium, and most game consoles will fit into a large gift bag.

Quickly and easily tie the bag closed with a red grosgrain ribbon.  The ribbon is attached to the standard and medium bags.  The ribbon is not attached to the large gift bag so you can tie the bag where ever you need it when wrapping larger gifts. There is a storage loop sewn into the top, inside seam to keep it from getting lost in between uses. See our Our Ultimate Size Guide to help you determine the size for your gift.

Sewn in Philadelphia, PA (USA)  from imported 100% cotton.

Wine* – 6.5” wide by 15” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 12 inches, such as wine bottle, gourmet olive oils, socks, gloves, cosmetics, small electronics

Standard – 10” wide by 15” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 19 inches, such as t-shirt or two, candle up to 5” diameter, 5” x 7” picture frame, e-reader

Medium – 17” wide by 18.5” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 33 inches, such as square board games, jigsaw puzzles, cookbooks, large sweatshirt, pants & shirt, set of sheets

Large – 20” wide by 27” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 39 inches, such as many game consoles, basketball, ankle boots, set of towels, 6-quart blender

Jumbo* – 27” wide by 33” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 53 inches, such as roasting pan, sleeping bag, diaper bag, single-serve coffee maker, queen-sized quilt

Check out “Our Ultimate Size Guide” for more details.

*Wine and/or jumbo gift bags are only available in select fabrics.

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