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Polka Dots




Bright polka dots on a black gift bag is a cheery way to wrap any present.  Drop a journal in a standard bag for the recent graduate, put a big box of golf balls in a medium bag for Father’s Day, and some toy water blasters in a large bag for your favorite kid’s birthday.

A yellow-orange grosgrain ribbon is attached to the standard and medium bags, so it won’t get lost between uses. The ribbon is not attached to the large bag to give you more options for where to place it for the best presentation. A storage loop is sewn into the top seam of the large bag so you can safely store the ribbon to use again later.

See the Sizing tab to determine the right size gift bag for your gift.

Bags are sewn in Philadelphia, PA, USA from imported 100% cotton.

Wine* – 6.5” wide by 15” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 12”
Wine bottle, gourmet olive oils, socks, gloves, cosmetics, small electronics

Standard – 10” wide by 15” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 19”
T-shirt or two, candle up to 5” diameter, 5” x 7” picture frame, e-reader

Medium – 17” wide by 18.5” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 33”
Square board games, jigsaw puzzles, cookbooks, large sweatshirt, pants & shirt, set of sheets

Large – 20” wide by 27” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 39”
Many game consoles, basketball, ankle boots, set of towels, 6-quart blender

Jumbo* – 27” wide by 33” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 53”
Roasting pan, sleeping bag, diaper bag, single-serve coffee maker, queen-sized quilt

*Wine and/or jumbo gift bags are only available in select fabrics.