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Super-Sale Large Gift Bags



These large gift bags measure 20 to 21″ wide and 27″ high.  They may be:

  • photography samples
  • the last few bags from a discontinued print
  • found inventory
  • slightly imperfect — any defects will be shown in the product photo and will not be noticeable when a present is inside the bag.

Large bags can hold a set of towels, many video game consoles, larger shoe boxes, stuffed animals, a basketball, duvet covers, diaper bag, half-sheet pans.

See “Our Ultimate Size Guide” or the Sizing tab for more ideas of what can fit inside our large gift bags.

All Super-Sale bags are FINAL SALE — NOT RETURNABLE!

Wine* – 6.5” wide by 15” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 12 inches, such as wine bottle, gourmet olive oils, socks, gloves, cosmetics, small electronics

Standard – 10” wide by 15” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 19 inches, such as t-shirt or two, candle up to 5” diameter, 5” x 7” picture frame, e-reader

Medium – 17” wide by 18.5” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 33 inches, such as square board games, jigsaw puzzles, cookbooks, large sweatshirt, pants & shirt, set of sheets

Large – 20” wide by 27” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 39 inches, such as many game consoles, basketball, ankle boots, set of towels, 6-quart blender

Jumbo* – 27” wide by 33” high; holds gift with perimeter up to 53 inches, such as roasting pan, sleeping bag, diaper bag, single-serve coffee maker, queen-sized quilt

Check out “Our Ultimate Size Guide” for more details.

*Wine and/or jumbo gift bags are only available in select fabrics.

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