The price is right on these pretty, easy wraps. I love pulling one onto a gift bottle of wine, knowing that I am offering both a pretty gift and a reusable wrap.

Vanessa C.   

I ordered a set of VZ Wraps bags in varying sizes for Christmas for my boys last year. Each had their own print for their "from Santa" gifts. What a lifesaver! No more fighting with the oddly-shaped kid packages, trying to wrap them as neatly as possible, only to have part of the toy (or worse, my thumb) jut out through the paper as soon as I went to move it! Wrapping was a snap with these bags - drop in and tie - and I will have them for many Christmases to come. Wonderful product!

Meggin C.   

I like to keep a supply of VZ Wraps on hand for a variety of occasions. They are so much easier than wrapping paper, and so beautiful! I love that they are paper-free, too; I encourage the recipients to re-use them to continue the earth-friendly cycle. One other thing: they are also airport-friendly; you can take a gift through the airport, easily unwrap it for security, and re-wrap it just as nicely as ever. I use the standard size bags the most-- they are a perfect fit for most gifts. I do like to keep a few larger and smaller ones around too, just in case.


One medium VZWrap held an entire pirate costume, including large hat, several books, a box of Legos, and a video. My great-nephew was thrilled with  his birthday gifts and his mother was thrilled to have such a cute bag to reuse.

Susan H.   

I love VZ Wraps! The bags are absolutely beautiful, and save trees! We have quite the collection of VZ Wraps holiday gift bags, and are working on our non-holiday stock. Thank you VZ Wraps for this beautiful, ethical option!

Jordan L.   

I took VZWraps to Finland, where my daughter was an exchange student and I needed to bring hostess gifts. VZWraps were easy to pack and the recipients commented on their green, reusable qualities.